Empire Fighting Championship, in collaboration with Bayou Fighting Championship, held their 7th event last night, Friday, December 18th, from Biloxi, Mississippi. Tonight, December 19th, Empire will host it’s 8th event! We will be posting LIVE RESULTS as they unfold, so bookmark this page and check back often so you don’t miss out on any of tonight’s action!

Dillon Oliver vs. Sammy Reeves

Winner: Oliver, 3rd-round TKO

Charlie Hinkel vs. Yanciel Ortiz – Kids BJJ

Winner: Ortiz, armbar

Ali Almohaini vs. Kalik Battle

Winner: Battle, 2nd-round KO

Jason Thigpen vs. Cole Martin – Kids BJJ

Winner: Thigpen, Von Flue choke

Ethan Ky vs. Devin Wright

Winner: Ky, 1st-round TKO

Crystal Hinkel vs. Natalie Davidson – Kids BJJ

Winner: Davidson, armbar

Dalton Lowe vs. Luke Saxson

Winner: Lowe, 1st-round submission, triangle

Giovanni Iglesias vs. Levi Martin – Kids BJJ

Winner: Iglesias, armbar

Jawaski Bethley vs. Logan Crosby

Winner: Bethley, 1st-round submission, rear naked choke

Larry Bradford vs. Kyle Wright

Winner: Bradford, SD

William Banks vs. Jaime Garcia

Winner: Banks, 1st-round submission, rear naked choke

Dennis Hughes vs. Calvin Glover

Winner: Hughes, 1st-round submission

Mark Kolker vs. Ryan Jones

Winner: Kolker, 1st-round submission, arm triangle

Greg Guidry vs. Shane Dixon

Winner: Guidry, 1st-round TKO

Evan Fremin vs. Chase McNeal

Winner: Fremin, UD

Ethan Hughes vs. Douglas Freeman

Winner: Hughes, SD

Jordan Juneau vs. Kenny Gover

Winner: Juneau, UD

Dennis Labruzza vs. George Green

Winner: Labruzza, decision

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