Empire Fighting Championship 7 LIVE RESULTS

Live results from Empire Fighting Championship 7, Friday, December 18th, 2020.

Bradley Landry vs. Seth Dardar

Winner: Dardar, UD

Jaylah Anderson vs. Crystal Hinkel – Kids BJJ

Winner: Anderson, submission, armbar

Andrew Yfantis vs. Gage Thibodaux

Winner: Yfantis, 1st-round submission, triangle

Ryan Bonfiglio vs. Jace Barker – Kids BJJ

Winner: Barker, submission

Jamaal Jenkins vs. Jasper Rivers

Winner: Jenkins, 1st-round KO

Gavin Martin vs. Tre Collins – Kids BJJ

Winner: Draw

Jacob Small vs. Jaime Garcia

Winner: Small, 1st-round TKO

Rylan Melancon vs. Lionel Lewis

Winner: Melancon, 1st-round TKO (submission to slam)

Duke Sensley vs. Elijawah Rose

Winner: Sensley, 1st-round submission, rear naked choke

Brandon Walley vs. Eric Halderman

Winner: Walley, 1st-round submission, arm triangle

Scott Gibbons vs. Zachary Borrego

Winner: Gibbons, UD

Garrett McMahan vs. Coty Ziegler

Winner: Ziegler, 1st-round submission, ankle lock

Jewel Scott vs. Malcolm Williams

Winner: Scott, 1st-round KO

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