It’s fight night for Empire Fighting Championship 6, Saturday, October 17th, from Biloxi, Mississippi, and as each fight unfolds, we will be posting live results! The fights will be streamed live on Empire FC’s Facebook page, so check out the stream, and don’t forget to bookmark this page and check back often so you don’t miss out on any of tonight’s action!

Tyler Sammis vs. Beck Shields

Winner: Beck Shields, 2nd-round submission

JJ Saucier vs. Austin Halat

Winner: Austin Halat, 1st-round TKO

Logan Crosby vs. Ethan Hughes

Winner: Ethan Hughes, 1st-round TKO

Jowan Batiste vs. Lane Temple

Winner: Lane Temple, 1st-round submission

BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU: Zayden Holobaugh vs. Jackson Brewer

Winner: Zayden Holobaugh, rear naked choke submission

Anthony Gibsoul vs. Greg Guidry

Winner: Greg Guidry, 1st-round submission

Elijah Brantley vs. Jeremy South

Winner: Elijah Brantley, 2nd-round TKO

Payton Rutledge vs. Paul Price

Winner: Payton Rutledge, 1st-round KO

Ty Evans vs. Cody Herbert

Winner: Cody Herbert, UD

Sedric Johnson vs. Chris Mixan

Winner: Chris Mixan, 2nd-round submission

Jordan Juneau vs. Hunter Kaplan

Winner: Jordan Juneau, 2nd-round submission

Nakia Brown vs. Cam Teague

Winner: Cam Teague, 1st-round submission

Evan Fremin vs. Jordan Loren

Winner: Evan Fremin, UD

BOXING: PJ Taylor vs. Dennis Labruzza

Winner: Dennis Labruzza, 2nd-round TKO

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