Evan Fremin set for Bantamweight Glory at Empire Fighting Championship 6

Every once in a while, you see one of those up-and-coming fighters that make you say ‘Oh, Boy!’ Well friends, Evan Fremin is THAT fighter! Representing Mid-City MMA/Moonlight College of Taekwondo, 2-0 Amateur fighter Evan Fremin (aka Fre) will be stepping into the steel once again at Empire Fighting Championship 6 on October 17th, 2020. What’s so special about this fight on an already stacked card is it’s for the Empire amateur Bantamweight title. I was lucky enough to get the chance to sit down with Fre and have a conversation before his upcoming scrap.

So Evan how did you begin your MMA journey?

Typical story, I fell in with Thanh and Vinh Le! I went to school with Vinh Le, did the whole sports thing through high school and some college. I hit a spot in my life when things got a little boring and nothing really interested me. Vinh had been in martial arts his whole life and was like ‘hey man, come give it a shot.’ I fell in and fell in love with it and things went from there.

How is your training camp going right now?

Training camp is going great! I train everyday pretty much, no matter what, so I’m kind of always in camp per say, but, it’s been going great. Feeling good, feeling healthy and ready to go.

“I’m not a spring chicken anymore and I’m not getting any younger. Pro is definitely in the near future.”

What changes have you had to make to training camp with Covid?

With the different restrictions and stuff our main gym, Mid City MMA, got shut down a little bit, but thankfully, we have our own private gym and our training partners are down to train all the time, so not a lot of big changes. Maybe the only big change is the lack of bodies – not quite as many people to train with.

What challenges do you see this title fight bringing to you?

As for Jordan and I, I feel like this is another opportunity to test ourselves. Seeing what we lack and in what areas we need to sharpen ourselves and better prepare for next time. I think as far as an opponent standpoint, though, he comes from a really good gym. The people he trains with are known fighters, they’re down to scrap. They are coming and they are going to bring the fight to you. They’re a very confident bunch. I’m really looking forward to that because it’s going to test my ability and see where I’m at in my career.

What do you think are your biggest strengths that you are bringing to the table for this fight?

My mind and my athleticism – being able to think and implement my game plan and stick to the script. Yeah, that’s the two main things – my athleticism and my mind.

“Somebody’s going to sleep and if I was a betting man, I’d put my money on Thanh – he’s definitely coming out with the W.”

I’ve heard it said several times now that you’re the third Le Bro! Can you elaborate on that a little bit?

Ahhh… that’s funny. Yes sir, like I said a lot of people call me the third Le Bro because my upbringing started with them in martial arts. I really don’t have close ties to what you would call a biological family or biological roots, but that’s a whole other story about my background. The way that I linked up with them and how their family took me in and embraced me as one of their own, it really taught me a lot. They taught me what real love is and what real family and loyalty really is. So, no matter what I’m always with them – it’s always us three together, they include me in everything. Their parents really took me in and I’m so grateful for them. They include me in Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays. I go over there and they celebrate my birthday with a cake. So, people call me the third Le Bro because I’m always with them and because I’m one of the family.

So speaking of your big brother how pumped are you for this title shot for Thanh?

Man, I’m over-the-moon excited for him. Just being able to be alongside him and see him on his journey to see how dedicated he is and how much work he puts in, it’s unprecedented. He deserves it and the sky is the limit for him, obviously. I don’t think there’s a more deserving person to get this title shot, and I’m very excited to see what he’s going to do.

So do you have any prediction for your fight, and also do you have a prediction for Thanh’s fight?

As for a prediction for my fight, like I said, all respect to Jordan. I read his interview and I know he loves jiu jitsu and I know he’s been in the game for a while, so it would be silly to not respect what threats he poses in the cage. It’s all about respect. I feel I’m going to go in there with my game plan and I’m going to stick to it, and I’m going to implement my A+ plan. If I stick to my game plan there’s no way he beats me. As far as Thanh, you know how short Thanh’s fights are – I’m sure you’ve seen many of them. Somebody’s going to sleep and if I was a betting man, I’d put my money on Thanh – he’s definitely coming out with the W.

“Fighting has changed so much about who I am – it has taught me patience, it has taught me to be humble, it has taught me respect.”

Are you looking to make the jump to go pro at this or do you think you need a few more amateur fights?

I definitely need a few more amateur fights, this is only going to be my third fight. I’ve had a few others booked that fell out, but that’s part of the game. Skill level wise, I think I’m close but there’s definitely more to learn. But, pro is not far behind, because I’m not a spring chicken anymore and I’m not getting any younger. Pro is definitely in the near future.

So lastly, what are you learning that you’re applying to your personal life as a fighter outside of the cage? What does being a fighter really mean to you?

Oh man, we could go on for hours about this! I literally had a conversation about this at training last night. Fighting has changed so much about who I am – it has taught me patience, it has taught me to be humble, it has taught me respect. I prefer to call it martial arts because it’s an art to me. It has taught me so much about myself and about my life. Every time you get into that cage with an opponent and the door closes, it shines a light on a flaw that I have. It shows me something that I have to go back to the table and fix. Martial arts have really taken the chip off my shoulder that I had growing up. I feel like fighting has just made me an all-around better person. I feel like a more caring person, more giving person – a person who wants to teach. Jordan and I are going to get in that cage Saturday night and we’re going to fight, but martial arts has taught me that I should wish him all the best, and I want all the best things for him going forward, and I don’t think that before martial arts I would’ve said that to any opponent for any reason whatsoever. Fighting has just really changed my outlook, and I guess to sum it all up in one word, fighting has made me grateful.

Lastly, do you have any shout-outs that you’d like to give?

Of course, I’d like to give a shout-out to my Mid City family and Moonlight college of Taekwondo. The LeBros. My family, my brother Jared Fremin, Master Le, my girlfriend Kristen. A shout-out to Vinh’s new clothing line that he’s got started called NO SOCIETY. You can reach him at @AsianCajun on Instagram or at the NO SOCIETY Instagram. They have a nice little fight line they’ve came out with. My personal Instagram is fre_99.

Once again, Evan Fremin will be fighting for Empire Fighting Championship 6 for the amateur Bantamweight title this Saturday, October 17, 2020. And if you don’t have tickets, you’re going to have to check our website for the LIVE RESULTS, because this event is absolutely sold out!!!!

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