Feeding our first responders, one pizza at a time

While some of us are at home binging Tiger King and Ozark, there are others out there, like Alan Belcher, treating our hard-working first responders to a good local treat.

Today, Alan and his family treated 85 of Biloxi’s finest to pizza for lunch. “These men and women aren’t able to quarantine like we are. They are out on the front lines protecting us so this is our way to show our appreciation.” Belcher and his two children brought over 30 pizzas to the Biloxi Civic Center where the police department was holding meetings in preparation for handling the current pandemic.

Previously, Alan and family had treated D’Iberville’s first responders to dinner the night before. He’s hoping to bring a little bit of light to these officers, firemen, and paramedics who are out there everyday fighting to keep our communities safe.

Although he’s been paying for this himself, he’s considering opening this up for donations so that he can keep paying it forward to the hardworking men and women who are out there fighting a different type of fight than the one he is used to seeing in the cage.

Who would you like to see Alan treat next? Leave a comment and maybe he will use it to continue to thank those essential employees that are helping us get through these unprecedented times!

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