Does UFC Fight Simulator Video on YouTube Know Something We Don’t?

With the state of emergency and everyone sitting at home, many of us are surfing the net for entertainment. During my search I ran across a video that I found rather surprising. It was a video using the A.I. from the latest UFC video game. The game is touted to accurately use real-life statistics to have the most likely outcome based on fight numbers such as takedowns, submissions, knockouts, etc . The video by Martial Mind was also very clinical in how it came up with its results, running the fight over and over.

According to one of the simulations I watched, the fight itself was, to EA sports’ credit, very realistic. Tony moved much like I have seen him move in the past, and Khabib, as usual, just dropped his head and moved forward with clunky striking – pushing Tony towards the cage. Tony landed several really nice leg strikes and punches during the sequence. However, true to form as soon as Tony’s back reached the fence, Khabib shot in and took Tony down.

After a little ground-and-pound and a scramble favoring Khabib, Tony began attacking from the bottom. First, he attacks with an Omaplata, then follows it by taking the back and going for a choke – giving Tony Ferguson the chance to win another scramble and get some ground-and-pound of his own. With his new advantage, Tony cinches in a nasty twister, turning Khabib like a pretzel. After a quick submission Tony Ferguson picks up the win.

However, what is even more surprising is the narrator then says that he has run the fight of numerous times with the same result, Tony winning in the first round by submission. The video creator then runs the fight again this time with an even faster finish than the first. So now the question becomes: just how good is the A.I. on the new UFC software? Could it be correct? Does it know something many people don’t? So is it right? I guess the only way to find out is to wait and see. What do you think?

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