On Saturday September 21, 2019 Jarreau Entertainment brought Pride and Honor to Denham Springs, Louisiana. The nine card bout featured seven amateur bouts and two professional bouts. In one professional bout, two fighters were making their debuts, in the other professional bout a Louisiana MMA legend was laying down the gloves for the last time.

Ricky Collins vs Deonte Simon

The first bout of the night featured a close back and forth contest between Ricky Collins and Deonte Simon. Both fighters began the contest working their jab. Simon was the first to mix it up with a big leg kick that stumbled Collins. Simon ended up on the ground with Collins and worked his way to the top mount. Collins swept Simon to get on top to which Simon reversed again to get the top back the top position landing a few body shots as the round came to an end.

Simon began the second round with a big hook that barely connected. He followed it up with a nice 1-2 combo with a leg kick to follow. Collins was throwing one strike at a time, unable to lace together any combos on Simon. Collins, who was not going to win this round on the feet, attempted a takedown but it was sprawled by Simon. After getting back to their feet, Collins pressed Simon to the cage and eventually got the hard-earned takedown. Collins took the top position but did nothing with it eventually leading to the referee standing up the fighters.

Collins shot in very early in the third round for another takedown. Collins continued to pressure Simon on the cage. Similar to the second round, Collins eventually got the takedown and kept the remainder of the bout on the mat. Simon did get a sweep while on the mat. When the decision was read, it was announced Ricky Collins won via unanimous decision.

Peter Loffredo vs Dayton Clement

Peter Loffredo, representing TWebb MMA, used his wrestling skills very early in this bout to score a quick takedown on Dayton Clement. Clement worked hard to get the fight back to the feet where he was able to work on locking in a guillotine choke. Loffredo scored the takedown again where he sought the rear naked choke as time ran out in the round.

Loffredo came out looking for the takedown again to begin the second round. Clement went for the standing guillotine again during the takedown. Clement worked hard to try and get Loffredo’s back but was unable. Both fighters returned to the feet where Loffredo was able to score a nice slam takedown.

Just how the first two rounds began, Loffredo shot in for a takedown early in the third round. Clement was looking for the neck again and landed a big knee on Loffredo while on the cage. The third round was looking to be a mirror of the second round. Once to the ground Clement was trying to get the back of Loffredo but just could not quite get it. Once the fight returned to the feet, Loffredo worked on the single leg takedown but Clement did a good job sprawling and stopping Loffredo’s efforts. As the theme of the fight, the bout went back to the ground Clement was finally able to get Loffredo’s back while on the mat. When the scorecards were read, Dayton Clement was announced the winner via unanimous decision.

Devin Butler vs Ryan Bourg

The first finish of the night came in our third bout with saw Devin Butler battle Gracie United/Team Jucao fighter, Ryan Bourg. Bourg was working the high kick, looking for the big shot. Butler seemed content on only countering, not working much with aggressive, forward striking. While clinched on the cage, Butler was grabbing Bourg’s neck trying to lock in a standing guillotine. Once the bout was on the mat Bourg finished Butler quickly with the arm/neck choke.

Mitch Dague vs Steve Mares

The quick bouts continue with this one. Both Mitch Dague and Steve Mares came out the gates swinging. Mares was the first to take the bout to the mat. Once there though, Dague locked in a kimura and Mares was forced to tap out.

Chance Sims vs Christian Balderaz

We get our third first round finish of the night when Chance Sims entered the cage along with Christian Balderaz. Sims threw a huge missing head kick which led to him slipping and falling to the mat. Balderaz followed him to the mat but quickly came back to his feet to return the fight to the stand-up position. Sims attempted a spinning heel kick which came close but did not connect. Sims, who was very active this bout, attempted a takedown which Balderaz grabbed the neck for the guillotine choke on the takedown. Balderaz displayed some strong ground skills and kept the choke held to win via submission.

Jeff Cain vs Steve Battley

We return back to the very closely contested full three round bouts when Jeff Cain took the cage with Steve Battley. Both fighters came out aggressive looking to take control. Cain grabbed Battley’s neck while battling on the cage which led Battley to scored a big slam. Once they were back on the feet, Cain pressured Battley on the cage and eventually pulled down Battley to score the takedown.

Round two saw Battley displaying sharp striking. Cain attempted a standing rear naked choke which eventually was transitioned to a guillotine choke. Battley was able to force a takedown. After awhile of stalemated action, the referee stood the fighters up.

Round three saw a good bit of action on the cage as Battley looked to have Cain in a bear-hug. After a good bit of time on the cage, Battley was finally able to get the takedown. While on the top, Battley landed a couple solid hammer fists. The round continued with Battley on top of Cain on the mat. When it came time to hear the judge’s announcement, Battley was named the winner via unanimous decision.

Nakia Brown vs Jeremy Logan

One of TWebb MMA’s brightest young talents, Nakia Brown, returned to action to take on another Gracie United/ Team Jucao fighter, Jeremy Logan. After a few strikes to get the bout going, Logan pressed Brown against the cage to work for a takedown but Brown was able to stop all attempts. Logan was finally able to pull Brown down to the mat with him but Brown took the top position. From the top, Brown rained down heavy shots leading Logan to verbally tap. Brown was able to get back on the winning track improving his record to 7-2.

Chris Crosby vs Chase Birchfield

The co-main event of the night was also the first professional bout of the night. Both BJJ brown-belt Chris Crosby and Chase Birchfield were making their pro debuts. Both fighters were using their strikes to keep distance but Birchfield was able to land some good strikes prior to Crosby landing a takedown. Crosby went for an armbar but Birchfield was able to break free. Crosby remained persistent and was finally able to lock in the armbar to win via first round submission.

Thomas Webb vs Kenny Gaudreau

In the main event of the night, and the final bout in the storied career of Thomas Webb, he took the center of the cage with fellow professional lightweight Kenny Gaudreau. As with any great Webb bout, he used his superior wrestling game to pin Gaudreau to the cage and eventually get the takedown. Once to the feet, Gaudreau pressed Webb to the cage and earned a takedown of his own. Both fighters showed their wrestling pedigrees with Webb earning his second takedown of the round. As the round drew to an end, Webb showed his solid boxing skills with crisp jabs and combos.

Round two began with both fighters trying to establish their jab and get the striking game going. Webb was able to score the first takedown of the round before both fighters returned to their feet. Gaudreau not looking to be outdone, scored a takedown of his own. When both fighters returned to their feet, the striking contest ensued in the center of the cage before Webb used his pressure game to press Gaudreau on the cage.

The third round looked to be the deciding factor into who would win this contest. Webb showed the versatility of his striking, landing some leg kicks to start off the round. This round appeared to be more of a striking affair as compared to the first two rounds. The striking looked to be back and forth but Webb was controlling the center of the cage and striking first more times than not. When the striking was not going Gaudreau’s way, he began to press Webb to the cage but Webb was able to spin free and land nice combos. When the bout was all said it done, Thomas Webb was declared the winner via split decision in his final bout.

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