Thomas Webb: The End is Only the Beginning of the Legacy

Regional MMA is the backbone of the sport. Any big name fighter started at a regional level at some point. Every state/regional area has it’s fighter that have changed the sport forever. For Louisiana, a state known for it’s deep roots in the fight world, Thomas Webb is one of those names. A professional fighter for 10 years, Webb has been around since nearly day one of the boom of MMA in the South’s hottest state for MMA action. It looks like on September 21, 2019 that era will come to a close as Webb looks to enter the cage as a competitor for the last time.

Earning the Respect

The greatest title a fighter can accomplish in their career is respect of fighter past, present, and future. You will not find another fighter on the Louisiana scene more respected and loved than Webb. Not only has Webb competed several times headlining events, but he has also cornered several of his own fighters at that same events.

Webb with the Bayou Fighting Championship lightweight title.

In the beginning days it was just as much a grind winning his first seven professional bouts in a row spanning from 2009 to the summer of 2013. After a rough patch leading to 2016, he rolled to the summer of 2017 on a five fight winning streak. Wins along that streak came by submission, TKO/KO, and decision showing the evolution of his game for solid wrestler to deadly mixed martial artist. Within the last year Webb has captured both the Bayou Fighting Championship lightweight title (BFC 32 October 2018) and Atlas Fights lightweight title (Atlas Fights 34 April 2019) leading to an amazing opportunity to compete on the Titan FC 54 card in April 2019. Titan FC is a major feeder for the UFC where they draw several of their top stars. Though Webb lost via split decision in an extremely unpopular call, the world was able to see what Louisiana had known for the past decade, Webb was a true gem to the sport as a whole.

The Legacy of TWebb MMA

Though Webb may be done competing in the cage, he will be in the spotlight just as much as ever before. With a stable of many of Louisiana’s best amateurs and young, upcoming pros, Webb will remain a very busy cornerman/coach at any Southern MMA event. The main reason the legacy of Thomas Webb will live forever in the world of Louisiana MMA is because his leadership and never say die attitude he displays and instills into all of his fighters. One quote comes to mind when you get to know Webb on a personal level. That quote is, “The goal of many leaders is to get people to think more highly of the leader. The goal of a great leader is to help people to think more highly of themselves.” -J. Carla Nortcutt. It is evident anytime that you are around Webb, his goal is not only to improve but to also make everyone around him better.

Words From the MMA Community

Webb has left a lasting impact on the sport and has touched many lives in the process. Here are some of those fighters in the area and their words on Webb:

Nakia Webb-multi organizational amateur featherweight champion

“So me and Webb had one of the same wrestling coaches, Coach Mahoney. Webb’s tough on you but he cares and wants the best for you. He constantly pushes you in practice and he gets under your skin lol. But at the end of the day you have a coach that cares about you and what you’re trying to achieve and most people can’t say that.”

Larry Bradford-top ranked middleweight amateur fighter

“Thomas is one of the toughest guys I know and is the reason I still fight today. Even after a loss, he tells me I still can do this. And I believe the guy and I believe in him. He has EARNED his respect here in Louisiana the hard way and should be commended. TWebb we appreciate you bro!”

Jonathan Eiland-undefeated professional bantamweight fighter

“Met Webb in 2014 at Mushin MMA in New Orleans. I had recently took a job in Baton Rouge and told him I needed a trainer and he thankfully accepted my request. I only had one fight at this point. 9 fights later I turned pro and am 3-0 under Webb. When I met him I had nothing but raw athletic talent. He is the reason I can strike and wrestle. Everything I know he taught me mostly. Definitely see Webb as an O.G. since he used to train and still does with Louisiana legends. And he is one too!”

Sarah Davila-women’s strawweight fighter and wife of professional Josh Davila

“Well I have known Thomas for years because he and Josh are Baton Rouge OG’s in the MMA world. He’s incredibly talented and a great person. He was at my debut fight and right before I was about to walk out he asked me if I was nervous. I said no, not as much as I thought I would be. He just laughed and he replied, ‘You’re lying but that’s okay. We all get nervous. You’ll do good, just go have fun.’ He’s refreshingly honest and funny. It’s one of my favorite MMA debut moments.”

Matt Bricker-writer of this article

As an author I don’t typically write in first-person style so this is absolutely breaking my own mold. The MMA community is a very tight-knit niche community. Webb was the first member of the MMA community to take me in as a writer when I began my journey covering MMA about a year and a half ago. I was working on an article on the history of MMA in Louisiana. I was having NO luck acquiring fighters to help give me some thoughts on MMA in the state. Webb was my breakthrough. Every message sent from then on for the project had the line, “Thomas Webb is on board too. Would you mind helping out?” Since the first time I met Webb in person at a Bayou FC event in New Orleans in October last year, he is the first person I look to greet when I walk into an MMA event. I have been training boxing lately under former UFC fighter Kurt Holobaugh and have toyed with the idea of taking an amateur boxing bout in the future. The first name I would ask my coach to add some training with would be Thomas Webb. He is also my son’s favorite “boom-boom” fighter as he says. My four year old, Braxton, asks anytime he sees “boom-boom” on TV if Webb is fighting. If he hears, “no” then he is out the room. He has touched my son’s heart and soul for life, as he has mine.

My son Braxton with his favorite “boom-boom” fighter.


Though Webb may no longer compete in the cage after this weekend, he will remain a mainstay on the local MMA scene. The future of the TWebb fight squad will look to carry on the legacy started by it’s founder. A thank you is owed from everyone in the MMA community for the contributions of Thomas Webb which he will continue to give expecting nothing in return.


3 responses to “Thomas Webb: The End is Only the Beginning of the Legacy”

  1. I’ve known Thomas since he was a twinkle in his father’s eye. What you see and know now is what I’ve seen and known since he was that twinkle. I could use all the superlatives that we all know are true, but I’ll simply end by saying, he’s the kind of man I would introduce to my daughter and in a fight never look behind me because “he’s” got my back.

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  2. Wow its an honor to know you Webb man im overjoyed in your accomplishments and know your family is also amazed !!!

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