Ladies of War – American Top Team’s Kayla Hracho Set to Headline Empire FC 3

Empire FC 3: Ladies of War is set for Saturday August 31, 2019 in Biloxi, Mississippi  What makes this event different and more special than most is the bout card is consisted of all-female Jiujitsu, combat Jiujitsu, and MMA bouts. Headlining the card is American Top Team star making her pro debut, Kayla Hracho.

Another American Top Team Product

One of Florida’s most complete WMMA fighters, Hracho is ready to make the turn from amateur to pro. After a 7-2 amateur run and a stint on EFC Worldwide’s The Fighter 2, similar to UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter reality show. Hracho was coached by Garreth McLellan on the South African based promotion’s show.

“Competing in EFC: The Fighter 2 was game-changing for me. I went to South Africa for 6 weeks to compete in a tournament at 132 pounds (nearly 2 weight classes above mine) with professional fighters from all over the world. It took a lot of mental fortitude to get through grueling training sessions, filming, fighting people I lived with, etc. I was fighting girls much bigger and more experienced than me, but I truly feel I became a better person and fighter from the opportunity. It was also a chance to have some ‘free professional experience’ without it counting for or against me. I’m very grateful for it,” Hracho stated.

Hracho with the American flag at EFC Worldwide

Pro Debut

Not every fighter who enters the cage makes it to the professional level. It takes years of dedication and hardwork. Hracho is at American Top Team, arguably the best fight camp in the world. Making her debut on this stage is special not only for her, but everyone who will be on attendance.

“It’s an awesome opportunity to not only fight in the main event for my pro debut, but to be a part of an all-women’s card as well,” Hracho stated. “I love to see the progression of Women’s MMA. Women now headline some of the best cards in the world. It’s an even bigger honor to train with and learn from some of them.”

Make sure you are in the Biloxi Convention Center Saturday August 31,2010 for this amazing main event along with a slate of amazing females ready to put on an amazing show.

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