Ladies of War – Sarah Davila Set to Shine at Empire FC 3

Empire FC is set for their third show this weekend, Saturday August 31, 2019 in Biloxi, Mississippi inside the Gulf Coast Center. Empire FC’s first event took place earlier in 2019 on March 30, 2019 and since then the organization has showcased many of the South’s best young talents. Empire FC 3 is an especially extraordinary event as the event is surnamed, “Ladies of War.” The first of it’s kind in the area, Empire FC 3 will be an all-female card consisting of jiujitsu, combat jiujitsu, and MMA bouts. Without a doubt one of the most popular and skilled competitors in the Gulf Coast area is the Baton Rouge based, Sarah Davila. Whether it’s Jiujitsu or MMA, the purple belt Davila, is always an armbar away from a finish.

Davila, Sarah 02
Davila securing the armbar victory at Bayou FC 32 in October 2018 (image courtesy Davila’s Facebook page)

WMMA Coming to the Foreground

The early days of combat sports were male-centered. Not until Gina Carano and more famously Ronda Rousey did women garner the attention they deserved in the male-driven sport of combat sports. The sport has evolved to where females headline UFC events, the sports’ largest organization. In fact, the UFC’s event scheduled for this same weekend, UFC Fight Night Shenzhen, is headlined by strawweight champion Jessica Andrade defending her title against Weili Zhang. There are even organizations such as Invicta FC which are all-female based.

Fast forwarding to 2019 and WMMA is on the mind of any casual fan who enters a venue to watch an MMA event. Typically a WMMA bout steals the show and its because of talents fighters like Davila. Of all the MMA and multiple Jiujitsu tournaments entered by Davila, this has to be a very proud moment in the early stages of her potential long, successful career. “I am proud to be a part of it [Empire FC 3] and I’m very excited that there is finally an all female card to showcase some of the toughest women in the south,” Davila said. ” I hope that this will only be the start and that there will be more opportunities for all for us to be a part of all female shows.”

Davila, Sarah 01
Davila preparing for battle at FFC4 (image courtesy Gorilla Fight Promotions)

Sparring Partner for Life

Not many people get to share their passion with their life partner. Davila is fortune to share her passion with her husband, BJJ brown belt and veteran of almost 30 professional MMA bouts, Josh Davila. “I supported my husband on the sideline for years before I completely submerged myself in the martial arts life style. It was always nice to be a part of the of the fight world in that way, but training with him every day and choosing to fight has enlightened my life as a whole and changed me as a person,” Davila stated. “Training and learning from him never stops, even at home and its truly a gift to be able to have that.”

Recent Successful Run

Davila eats and sleeps combat sports. It’s engrained in her DNA which makes her a must-see whether it’s Jiujitsu or MMA. The past calendar year has been great to Davila winning her last two fights. Her first victory came at Bayou FC 32 in October 2018 where she was victorious via armbar. In the second round, Davila locked up a standing guillotine choke and took her opponent down, rolling into top control. Davila was able to lock in a triangle choke and transition it in an armbar. Davila’s armbar finish earned her the submission of the night. Her second victory came at Friction FC 4 in May 2019 where Davila was victorious via unanimous decision.

What to Watch For

Davila is currently set to compete in a combat jiujitsu matchup. Her husband Josh battled former UFC fighter Jason Knight at Empire FC 2 in a combat Jiujitsu bout. Sitting cageside for media, I glanced over at Davila and could tell she was interested and was hoping she would eventually travel this path to continue her combat sports career. “At first, I wasn’t sure I liked it and could take it seriously but at the end of the day Jiu Jitsu is much more difficult while exchanging blows,” Davila commented. ” I found myself smiling and having lots of fun while cornering my husband Josh in his combat jiu jitsu match against Jason Knight so the idea of doing it myself just seemed like a fun a new adventure. I think it would be a great transition for some jiu jitsu players who interested in doing MMA.”

Whether its a combat Jiujitsu, MMA, or a standard Jiujitsu matchup, look for Davila to remain composed and always in control. She is very smart with her movements be it on the mat or on her feet. Riding high on her two fight MMA winning streak, confidence and a strong mental game is the majority of the battle in combat sports. Not only is Davila one of the best the South has to offer in the world of women’s combat sports, but one of the best mother’s and women you could ever meet. These are the kind of people the matchmakers at Empire FC are assembling for this amazing card set to take place Saturday August 31, 2019.


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