Eminence Promotions SCC II Review


Eminence Promotion showcased their Southeastern Combat Championships II card Saturday August 03, 2019 from the ABBA Shrine in Mobile, Alabama. The night of fights featured many of the toughest fighters in the South. Of the 11 bouts on the card, only three went to decision making for a night of highlight finishes. A welterweight champion was crowned and a UFC veteran scored a submission victory with one second left in a grappling match.

Dynamic Start to the Night

In the opening bout of the night, Cam Teague battled Baron Loud. Loud came out the gate quick with strikes. After the two ended up on the cage, Teague unleashed his first flurry of strikes. Loud tried to get the bout to the ground but Teague showed his takedown defense and stuffed the attempt. Teague was working on a single leg takedown but transitioned to a double-leg which aided in an emphatic takedown. While in the dominant position, Teague landed body shots all the way to the bell to end the first round.
Going into the second round, Teague looked to clearly be in control of the bout. About eight seconds into the second round, Teague floored Loud with a devastating shot. The referee rushed in and called a stop to the bout 11 seconds into round two declaring Teague the winner.

Two Tough Fighters Go Bell-to-Bell

The second bout of the evening was the first to go to decision. Both Omar Blakquest and Reeves Davis Jr. were testing their range at first, respecting the striking of the other. Davis opened it up with a huge body kick followed by heavy strikes that sent Blakquest reeling to the cage. Davis followed that right up with a push kick and solid, precise crosses. Blakquest attempted a big head kick but slipped and Davis pounced right on top landing a few grounded heavy strikes before the round ended.

Round two saw both fighters starting off strong, both looking to take the early upperhand. Davis used his reach advantage well, keeping Blakquest at bay unable to get close enough. Blakquest did give a spinning back fist a chance but it was a glancing blow off Davis’ back. The knockout blow was on Davis’ mind at this point seeing the right hand reared back. On a failed strike attempt, Blakquest slipped and fell resulting in Davis going to the top position. Davis turned to a North/South position with Blakquest using his feet to try and climb the cage. Using his feet on the cage worked as Blakquest was able to break free with about ten seconds to go in the round. Davis ended the round high on the judge’s scorecards throwing a barrage of strikes all the way until the bell rang.

The third round saw Davis get the first bit of action landing a hard-fought takedown. Davis worked the ground with a few body shots before transitioning from the open guard to the top mount. The majority of this round was contested on the mat. Just prior to the bell ringing, Davis landed some heavy body shots to secure his victory. When the judges’ scorecards were read Davis was announced the winner via unanimous decision.

Special Kickboxing Feature

One of Florida’s top amateur strikers, SD Dumas, was featured in the night’s lone kickboxing bout against another dangerous striker in Deonte Durgins. Dumas fired heavy kicks to start out and remained the more active of the two throughout the round. Dumas had a nice string of jabs eventually forcing Durgins to the cage at which point Dumas launched a pin-point accurate head kick leading to the end of the first round.
Dumas continued the second round with the pace he left off on. He continued the center of the cage nicely and landed many 1-2 striking combos followed by a high kick. Durgins threw his shots but just could not get in close enough to cause any damage. Many of Durgins’ leg kicks were countered with a Dumas jab.

Round three saw Durgins come out with desperation, landing his most significant strike of the bout. Both fighters looked to start swinging the potential knockout blow, emptying whatever gas was still in the tank. Durgins attempted another kick but was caught by Dumas and pushed him to the ground. When the bout ended the cards were read in the favor of Dumas via unanimous decision.

Hard-Fought Ground Battle

In the battle of two young, hungry fighter, Stephen Owens took on the debuting Gracie United-Team Jucao fighter Ryan Bourg. The bout went quickly to the ground with Owens landing a takedown. Bourg instants kicked in and he locked in grounded front face lock. Owens threw multiple body shots while in the hold and both fighters ended up back on their feet. Owens brought the bout back to the mat but this time ended up in a better top position. Bourg continued to fight through it and rolled to the top position followed by a series of body shots. Owens swiftly grabbed an arm and locked in a very deep armbar but the bell rang, saving Bourg from a first round defeat.
Owens saw the success he had on the ground in the first round and attempted to bring the bout back there but was unsuccessful in the attempt. While against the cage, Bourg was able to bring Owens down to the mat with him but Owens ended up with Bourg’s back. Owens transitioned from the back to the top position and landed body shots after the better positioning.
Bourg started the third round with a series of kicks to change up the flow of the bout. Owens went for a takedown matching that of the first two rounds. Bourg attempted what looked like an Americana from the bottom but Owens was able to slip his arm free and take the back of Bourg. Owens continued to pressure from the back and eventually locked in a rear naked choke to secure the victory.

WMMA Bout Earns Fight of the Night Honors

The lone WMMA bout on the card easily took home the Fight of the Night honors with their high-pace action match that went the distance. Heather Caylor representing Gracie United-Team Juaco and Ashely Averitt representing Roufusport had the crowd on their feet the duration of the bout.
This bout was a perfect example of your exceptional striker taking on your top-notch grappler. Averitt displayed solid striking combos all while keeping Caylor at bay who was ferociously looking for the takedown. Averitt had the height and reach advantage which she put to good use with her striking advantage. Caylor got to the mat near the end of the first round but Averitt scrambled away quickly, returning the bout to the feet.
Round two saw both fighters exchanging shots in the center of the cage. Averitt was doing a great job of using the jab to keep Caylor just out of the range she needed to be successful. Caylor was able to get ahold of Averitt but couldn’t quite get her to the ground. The jab-cross combo served to be on point again in the second round.
The third round saw Averitt continue to lead the way with her striking. Caylor tried to enter a striking battle with Averitt but wasn’t able to get any success with that. Caylor lands a trip takedown, the opportunity she needed. The bout nearly took a 180 degree turn when the bout entered Caylor’s world. A rear naked choke was locked in and somehow Averitt was able to break free and escape her biggest threat of the night. When the round was called, it was announced Averitt was declared the winner via unanimous decision but both women won Fight of the Night for their amazing display of skill and tenacity.


SCC Featherweight Semifinal Bouts

Mike Peltier vs. Garret McMahan

Both semifinals bouts for the SCC featherweight title took place to determine which two fighters would meet up at SCC III for the featherweight crown. The first bout saw Mike Peltier battle Garret McMahan. McMahan came out storming with strikes from multiple angles. He was looking for that knockout shot to end Peltier’s night very early. Peltier eventually pressed McMahan on the cage looking for the takedown. He was able to grind that takedown and take down his opponent. After Peltier took the top spot, he rained down enough shots to make the referee step in and call the bout. Peltier advanced to the finals 2:21 seconds in the first round.

Josh Mayo vs. Juan Alvarez

Josh Mayo as well as Juan Alvarez entered the cage not looking past the challenge in front of them, but looking forward to meeting Peltier in the finals at SCC III. Alvarez wanted to end the night early landing a leg kick which was followed by a near miss huge head kick. He continued displaying his solid striking game followed with several leg kicks. Near the cage, Alvarez hit the bout-ending blow he was looking for. He pounced on top leading to the referee calling the bout.

Welterweight Title on the Line

The main event of the amateur portion of the card featured Aramis Garcia and local star Nikos Crawley battling it out for the SCC welterweight crown. Both guys wanted to set the early pace coming out swinging hard with Garcia clipping Crawley and dropping him but he was able to quickly return to his feet and press on. Garcia showed the rest of his versatile game landing a takedown. After returning to the feet, Garcia continued to be just one step ahead in the striking department.
For the first time in his brief career, Crawley entered the second round. The first half of the round saw both fighters looking for an effect range, using fakes and long jabs. Garcia did attempt a Superman punch off the cage but had minimal impact.

The third round saw an uplift in pace with Crawley coming out with solid striking and looking for the knockout shot he easily possesses. A firefight ensues with both fighters telling the fans they don’t want the judges to get involved. Garcia dropped Crawley to his knee with a strike. After being pushed into the cage, Garcia followed it up with another strike leading to the referee jumping in after seeing enough. Garcia was declared the winner and champion via round three TKO.

Garcia 1
Aramis Garcia is crowned the SCC Welterweight champion in the center of the cage (Photo courtesy of Eminence Promotions Facebook)

UFC Veteran in Grappling Contest

UFC veteran Kurt Holobaugh made a special appearance in a grappling contest against Scott Phillips of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu. Both competitors put on quite a show for everyone in attendance. There were multiple submission attempts with Holobaugh scoring a submission via choke with one second left in the round. The rules consisted of one-five minute round. If there was not a submission, then the bout would have been ruled a draw.

Professional Bouts End Quick and Decisively

Blake Singley vs. Cody Herbert

The hometown Blake Singley wanted to set the tone quick for his hometown crowd with a solid jab. Cody Herbert was not to be outdone and threw a hard shot of his own that dropped Singley. After getting back to his feet, Singley tried to wrap up Herbert on the cage to slow the pace down and recover but Herbert landed another floor-dropping shot. The referee saw enough and called the bout. Herbert was declared the winner at 1:22 seconds into round one.

Justin Prescott vs. Noah Cutter

The main event of the evening featured hometown favorite Justin Prescott as he took the cage across from Noah Cutter. Both fighters wanted to take the early advantage, exchanging leg kicks. Prescott went for a takedown and ended up on top after the successful attempt. Prescott continued to look for the finish on the mat eventually locking in the ankle lock to take the main event in round one.


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