Eminence Promotions is back with their second installment of Southeastern Combat Championships (SCCII) Saturday August 03, 2019 in Mobile, Alabama inside the ABBA Shrine. Among all the bouts on this show, the welterweight title bout between Nikos Crawley and Aramis Garcia could easily steal the show.

The Title Contenders

Aramis Garcia has the ability to finish the fight no matter where the battle takes place. He has the “warrior mentality” which makes him difficult to contend with in the cage. “It feels great because you know the second you step foot into the cage, you are a warrior no matter the outcome. Fighting for the title is something I’ve been waiting for. I’m willing to die in that cage Saturday night, but I’ll be coming home as the champ,” Gracia told MMA Tribune. Though Garcia will be fighting a couple states away from home, which is Louisiana, he feels he will have the crowd’s support Saturday. “For the fans, they will have a blast! I’ll put on a show for everyone. I know I’m not fighting in my home town, but it doesn’t matter. They will love me in Alabama Saturday night!”

His adversary for the night, Nikos Crawley, is just as dangerous in the cage making this a true battle of wills. It goes without saying that Crawley is one of the most dangerous strikers in the South. Nikos has a combined 18 seconds of cage time between two bouts ( seven seconds in his debut and 11 seconds on the SCC I card.) In response to fighting for the title; “It feels good. I really appreciate the opportunity a lot. It’s been a lot of hard work put in by my team and I’m just the front man. We’re all fighting for the title!” Nikos will be the crowd favorite Saturday and has big things planned for the crowd. “When that gate closes I’m going to believe in the preparation, game plan, and give it everything I have!”

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