Logan Speyrer Continues to Showcase He’s One of the Top Louisiana Amateurs

On Saturday July 20, 2019 Logan Speyrer took on his hardest task to date inside a cage battling Dejuan Robinson of Biloxi, Mississippi. The Team Juggernaut BJJ standout, Speyrer, took his talents to the Atlas Fights 36 Paragon Casino show and did not disappoint.

Speyrer prior to his BFC 36 bout in April 2019

The bout started with Speyrer throwing a high kick which was caught by Robinson and drove Speyrer to the ground. It didn’t take long on the ground for Speyrer to attempt a triangle choke which was nearly locked in on a few separate occasions. Robinson picked up Speyrer and delivered a huge slam which broke apart the grapple. After returning to his feet, Speyrer threw a two punch combination before the two ended up clinched together on the fence. Robinson took Speyrer down and this is where the contest turned into a highlight reel clip.

As Speyrer was attempting to stand up from the grounded position, Robinson landed a series of devastating strikes that flattened Speyrer. In a position we have never seen him in before, Speyrer looked to be “on the ropes” with the referee a second away from calling the bout. Speyrer showed the heart that only he could and ended up in a dominant north-south position. In a matter of a second, Speyrer locked in a Peruvian Necktie to secure the amazing come from behind victory.

Speyrer continues to show he is one of the top talents in the South and has all of the abilities to become a star on the next level. Whatever is next for Speyrer, look for him to continue to grow as a fighter and continue his climb up the ranks.

One response to “Logan Speyrer Continues to Showcase He’s One of the Top Louisiana Amateurs”

  1. Awesome article. Logan’s dangerous everywhere! He can knock you out in 10 seconds, submit you, or go all 5 rounds with you.


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