Empire Fighting Championship 2 took place Saturday June 08, 2019 from the Mississippi Coast Convention Center in Biloxi, Mississippi and was also available on Fite Pay-Per-View. The event contained three jiu-jitsu bouts, seven MMA bouts, and one combat jiu-jitsu bout.

Three Jiu-Jitsu Bouts to Start the Night

Emily Ohr (bottom) defeating Makenna Claypool via armbar
Lane Temple was victorious in the 2nd bout of the night via heelhook against Douglas Freeman
Justin Robinson (right) defeated Patrick Davis in overtime


Brandon Parnell vs. Jadon Cooley

Cooley looked to pressure very early in the bout but was caught with a solid jab by Parnell. The two ended up on the mat soon after with Cooley on top. Parnell was able to work to the triangle but Cooley escaped smoothly and eventually transitioned into side control. While in side control, Cooley began a barrage of strikes before shifting to a top mount position. The pressured stayed on by Cooley and Parnell was unable to break free. The referee eventually saw enough of Cooley’s ground and pound and called the bout.

Cooley (top) raining down shots just prior to the end of the contest


Josh Mayo vs. Glen Martin

The next matchup of the night saw Josh Mayo battle Glen Martin. Mayo did a great job landing a series of heavy leg kicks. With the success of the leg kicks low, Mayo landed a huge right hand that dropped Martin. Mayo was quick to pounce on Martin and throw several strikes before letting up to not burn out. The fight eventually returned to the feet but Mayo landed another series of kicks before dropping Martin for a second time. The bell ended the round with Mayo in total control. The second round saw more of the first with Mayo landing big leg kicks which were having major effects on Martin by this point. Mayo almost got caught with a few upkicks while Martin was on the ground trying to entice him into his guard. Eventually Martin was made to return to the feet and was floored again with strikes. This time Mayo’s shots were enough to get the referee to call the bout.

Mayo (right) with one of many successful leg kicks.


Evan Fremin vs. Aaron Hammons

The third MMA bout of the night saw Evan Freemin step in the cage. His opponent on the night was Aaron Hammons who did the best he could to take the fight to Freemin. Freemin started the bout with a solid right hand before going for the takedown. Freemin landed the takedown in fashion with a slam. The majority of the round saw Freemin in control on the ground. Unfortunately, Hammons was unable to answer the bell to start round two due to a possible broken arm.

Fremin (bottom) in control from the bottom.


Carl Shorter vs. Ethan Hughes

The next bout of the evening was your “striker vs. grappler” battle with debuter Carl Shorter taking on the Team Juaco representative Ethan Hughes. Shorter came right out of the gate with an attempted front kick to the face that nearly missed. Shorter continued to show his striking came eventually able to drop Hughes. Hughes stayed in the fight and was able to get a takedown before landing down shots on the turtled up Shorter. Hughes worked his way to full mount while drilling in shots. Hughes was very smooth in attempting to grab the armbar. After a short series of strikes, Hughes grabbed the arm and finished Shorter with an armbar.

Hughes (right) putting the finishing touches on the armbar.


Aniel Viamontes vs. Josh Langley

Representing Miami, Aniel Viamontes entered the cage to take on crowd favorite Josh “Flash” Langley. Both fighters started out with leg kicks before Langley landed a solid jab. The two then clinched exchanging a few knees. Both fighters dropped to the mat from the clinch with Langley on the bottom and Viamontes in side control. Langley and Viamontes scammbled for position before returning to the feet. Soon thereafter Langley landed a huge slam, unfortunately for Langley, on the way down Viamontes grabbed a guillotine choke and did not let go upon the slam. Once on the ground Langley was given no choice but to tap.

Viamontes (bottom) with the guillotine choke locked in after Langley’s slam.


Trent Fairley vs. Lachlan Kristonis

Our next fight of the evening was for the Empire Fighting Championship flyweight title which was held by Lachlan Kristonis. Challenger Trent Fairley took his 3-3 record into the cage hoping to break a 500 record with a gold strap around his waist.

About ten seconds into the first round, Kristonis landed a solid left jab followed by a headkick not too long after. He was showing real quick why he’s the flyweight champion. Fairley stayed composed and rove Kristonis into the cage eventually getting the takedown. Fairley stayed in control on the mat the rest of the round.

Round 2 was similar to the first in many ways. Both fighters exchanged strikes before Fairley landed another takedown. He continued to remain top-heavy on Kristonis, not allowing him to get back to his feet. Round 3 saw more dominance by Fairley. Both fighters exchanged body kicks before Kristonis reeled off a series of strikes that couldn’t really find their mark. Fairley employed his dominant takedown game again getting Kristonis to the mat and riding it out to the bell. When the judges’ scorecards were read, they were all in favor of the challenger and new champion.

Fairley (right) reels off a high kick; one of the few moments the fight wasn’t on the mats.


Jason Knight vs. Josh Davilla (Combat BJJ Rules)

The co-main event of Empire 2 was a combat BJJ rules matchup between former UFC fighter and Bare Knuckle FC competitor Jason Knight taking on BJJ brown belt from Baton Rouge, Josh Davilla. The matchup was very fun to watch with very little to no rest time during the contest. Both competitors pushed for position and delivered several heavy-handed slaps as well. Knight, as well as Davilla, each had their moments where they looked to have a submission victory in hand. Eventually the bout went to overtime where the winner would be determined by quickest escape. Knight was able to escape two seconds quicker, earning the victory.

Davilla with Knight’s back after delivering a slap in their combat BJJ bout
Knight pulling Davilla into his guard


James Montano vs. Harris Stephenson

The welterweight title would be on the line in the main event. James Montano would look to move to 7-1 as opponent Harris Stephenson was looking to win his fourth in a row and also move to 7-1. Montano mixed low kicks with jabs well throughout the first round putting on an amazing striking display. Stephenson attempted a takedown to offset Montano’s superior striking game but Montano delivered a few solid strikes to fend off the takedown. The first round ended with Montano in full control.

Round 2 saw the two exchange a series of strikes before Montano landed a nice cab with Stephenson against the cage. Stephenson attempted another takedown with Montano pressed against the cage. Stephenson eventually got the takedown but not before take a big knee strike from Montano. While on the ground, Stephenson attempted a triangle choke but Montano was able to escape rather safely and land a few strikes to end the second round.

Round 3 was more of a kicking display by Montano coming out the gate landing a leg kick. He continued his onward aggression of strikes taking the air out of Stephenson. Stephenson was finally able to get the fight back to where he looked more comfortable, on the mat. Stephenson tried to work another triangle choke but Montano was able to break free yet again. In the closing minute of the frame, Stephenson threw a missed superman punch and took Montano down to the mat in one quick motion. When it was time for the winner to be announced, Montano walked away with the strap.

Montano (left) connecting with a solid right


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