Combat sports thrive down Louisiana Highway 1, and In Ya Face Fight Productions is at the forefront as they hosted an old-fashioned bayou-beatdown with Caged Warrior Championship 21, Saturday, June 1st, from the Cut Off Youth Center in South Louisiana. Featured on the card were 11 total fights, beginning with Tyler Washington and Jeremy Cockman gaining respective victories in amateur kickboxing bouts.

We then had 7 mixed martial arts matches, followed by a stellar professional boxing bout between Malcolm Williams and Christopher Salinas, with Salinas gaining the advantage in a decision. To close out the evening, the main event featured two backwater brawlers in Blacklist MMA‘s Chance Braud taking on Extreme MMA‘s Rance Ward. Follow along as I recap all of the night’s MMA action and demonstrate to you why In Ya Face Fight Productions is a real force to be reckoned with in the Gulf Coast combat sports scene.


Mixed Martial Arts

William Wright vs. Steven Battley

In the opening MMA fight of the evening, William Wright made quick work of his opponent Steven Battley, getting the fight to the ground and sinking in a rear naked choke less than 90 seconds in.

Winner: William Wright, 1st-round submission, 1:19, rear naked choke

Xavier Hightower vs. Slade Primaux

Next, Slate Primaux took on Twin Wolves MMA‘s Xavier Hightower in a catchweight bout. After a brief stand-up, Primaux shot in for and secured a takedown. He worked in some ground-and-pound, but Hightower was quick to his feet. Upon standing, however, Primaux left his neck exposed, and Hightower quckly obliged, wrapping in a standing guillotine choke and forcing the tap shortly thereafter.

Winner: Xavier Hightower, 1st-round submission, 1:20, standing guillotine, Submission of the Night award

Beto Navarrete vs. Duncan Martin

Beto Navarrete came out swinging to start the third MMA bout of the evening, taking on fellow Light Heavyweight Duncan Martin. Navarrete landed a quick combination, dropping Duncan to the canvas with a heavy and resounding left. The referee in charge of the action had seen enough and called the TKO less than 30 seconds into it.

Winner: Beto Navarrete, 1st-round TKO

Steffin Barrera vs. Davin Scott

These two Bantamweights came out fast, exchanging strikes and takedowns throughout the first. Scott ended the round in control, pressing Barrera against the cage and working on another takedown.

Scott did a great job of controlling Barrera throughout the second round, getting takedowns and remaining heavy while on top. From top position, Scott delivered a few significant punches and was working on securing an Americana as the horn blew to end the round.

Scott kept with what worked in the third, taking Barrera down and delivering strikes from the top. Barrera did attempt an armbar from the bottom, but it was quickly thwarted and Scott ended the round on top. We headed to the judges’ table for the first time of the evening, and all three judges saw Davin Scott as the victor.

Winner: Davin Scott, unanimous decision

Mike Samadian vs. John Yannis

The first round between these two fighters out of Texas was beatufiully chaotic, with both men demonstrating impressive Muay Thai stand-up skills, landing powerful punches and painful kicks. The round remained a stand-up until the final seconds when Yannis got a takedown just before the horn blew.

Momentum carried over into the second round with both fighters throwing and landing heavy, but it was John Yannis who would make the better of his exchanges, dropping Samadian to the canvas with a heavy left, earning him the victory and Knockout of the Night.

Winner: John Yannis, 2nd-round TKO, 1:36, Knockout of the Night Award

Chassidy McMillon vs. Veronica Garcia

In the first and only women’s MMA match of the evening Chassidy McMillion took on Veronica Garcia. Action started quick as both fighters exchanged heavy kicks and punches, with McMillion doing her best to circle the cage. McMillon had the most notably significant strike of the first, dropping Garcia to the canvas with a powerful right.

The second round began with some exchanges, but Garcia quickly took the fight to the ground, gaining top position. From there, she was able to deliver effective ground-and-pound until McMillon reversed position, finding herself on top. McMillon couldn’t generate much from the dominant position, and Garcia scrambled, taking McMillon’s back in the process. Garcia spent the remainder of the round working in a rear naked choke that was just out of reach, and nearly locked up an armbar as the horn blew.

Garcia really started to settle in for the third and final round, getting the better of McMillon in several early exchanges before taking the fight back to the mat. From there, she maintained top position for the remainder of the round, posturing up several times to rain down heavy fists on her downed foe, gaining not only the victory but also Fight of the Night.

Winner: Veronica Garcia, unanimous decision, Fight of the Night award

Alex Pierce vs. Robert Link

The hometown favorite Alex Pierce was caught quick with a thunderous right hand, seeming to stun him and cause the desperation takedown attempt. Pierce recovered, and found himself in the clinch with Link. Link then Judo tossed Pierce with a ferocity that echoed throughout the Cut Off Youth Center, tossing Pierce overhead and slamming him to the canvas. Link ended the round in dominant position and good form.

The tail end of Link’s toss

Pierce looked much better in the second, dropping Link early with a massive right hand. Pierce pursued his opponent to the canvas, landing on top and eventually getting his back. Pierce tried working in a rear naked choke for most of the remainder of the round, and was moments away from locking up an armbar as the horn blew.

The action promptly returned to the canvas to begin the final round, and Peirce was quick to try another armbar. However, Link got out of the submission attempt, finding himself on top. From there, he postured up and dropped punch after punch on Pierce until the TKO was called.

Winner: Robert Link, 3rd-round TKO

Co-Main Event: Professional Boxing

Main Event

Rance Ward vs. Chance Braud

In the main event of the evening we had a Lightweight mixed martial arts match between two bayou-bred brawlers in Rance Ward versus Chance Braud. Braud came out with acrobatics, rolling in and grasping at Ward’s legs, seemingly happy to get the fight to the canvas. However, Ward would not oblige. Fighters worked to find thier ranges throughout the round, and Braud finally closed the distance and had Link in the clinch during the waning moments of the opening act.

Braud came out with the same acrobatics to begin the second, but this time he did manage to get the fight to the ground. From there Braud seemed comfortable, seemlessly attempting a heel hook, but couldn’t quite get it in deep enough.

Braud had his best showing in the third and final round, going for and securing an early takedown. Braud got top position and remained heavy, delivering several powerful shots. Braud attempted a straight armbar, but couldn’t get it extended. Ward gave up his back in the scramble, and Braud took advantage of the error, sinking in his hooks and working on the rear naked choke as the final horn blew.

Winner: Chance Braud, unanimous decision

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