Brock Lesnar – Retirement or Swerve?

Is Lesnar retiring or pulling one over on us ?

There have been rumors and questions to whether or not The Two time NCAA , WWE and UFC Champion is retiring. Most either think it’s just publicity so that Brock can for sure be ready for USADA testing before fighting again or he is going full-time WWE. UFC or Lesnar’s camp will confirm the back and forth on whether he is really walking away from the sport, leading naturally to controversy and rumors. Let’s look at things from the perspective of a fight fan who sees everything on the up and up, and also as a jaded long time fan who is just waiting for MMA to reach the level of corruption as exists in boxing.

First I would like to think maybe Brock is finally ready to go home and live out his days quietly raising his family, hunting and working his farm. By that perspective, why not retire? At this point he has certainly proven himself as one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of the NCAA and the UFC. Not to mention his many accolades in the world of Pro Wresting. Where does a guy go from there? He dominated the NCAA for two years from the University of Michigan. There he went on to become a two-time NCAA All-American, two time Big 10 conference Champion, and a record of 106-5 through four years of college. In the world of pro wrestling he is a 4 time WWE world champion, being the youngest to ever win it at 25. As well as holding the IWGP New Japan World Heavyweight champion, and legendarily ending the famous win streak of the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Add all that in with Winning his first UFC title in his third UFC fight against wrestling legend Randy Coture. Follow that with wins over Frank Mir and Shane Carwin. Plus a comeback victory over Mark Hunt. I dare say his MMA career has been successful.

Brock had a storied NCAA Career of 106-5

So with all these big championships and wins over legendary names in every sport he has competed in, what could he possibly need to prove. He certainly does not need the money given reports of his large lucrative contracts with the WWE and UFC for the Mark Hunt fight. So maybe just maybe Brock has had enough of the stress, travel and work it takes to maintain a brand like his. Just maybe Lesnar woke up one day, looked at his beautiful wife, his health happy kids, and the gorgeous spread of land he calls home and just said to himself, ” I don’t ever wanna leave this again.” If that is the case I for one congratulate him on an incredible career. A legacy that will hopefully endure, as well as being a beacon for wrestling in its classic form. Inspiring young wrestlers for generations to chase their dreams of being the next Brock. The same goes for Pro Wrestling. In what was for sure a hall of fame career Brock will be remembered most for bringing the big fight atmosphere with him . Not to mention just plain being frightening as hell. From that perspective I hope he enjoys a long happy future with his family that he built through the years of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears.

Brock ending the Legendary Streak at Wrestlemania

Now looking at the removal of Brock from USADA testing and everything else involved as a life time fight fan. Especially as one who followed boxing first, I call B.S. to the rumors of retirement. It seems more like a shrewd business move by the UFC as well as Lesnar and his camp. This controversy and news worthy stories of him being pulled from any possible fight with current UFC champ Daniel Cormier looks more calculated than a retirement. The rumors and stories will keep Brock on everyone’s mind for at least the next year. Speculating fans will talk of rumors, watching every MMA article and rumor for some sign. If this kind of strategy works it could make a potential Brock return to the cage worth twice as much as it was before. Also the UFC and Brock avoid any unwanted embarrassment of failed drug tests. Then win lose or draw Brock and the UFC walk all the way to the bank winners. As a fan this could be the best thing for a future heavyweight super fight no matter who he faces. Bringing more excitement to the some what lackluster Heavyweight division would certainly be welcomed by any fan.

The UFC announced that Brock has been pulled from any plans for a title fight.

So no matter what either way fight fans win. On one hand we get to look back on an illustrious legendary career and enjoy it for what it was. We can also dream and imagine of the things it could have been. Or we get the big noise and excitement of a return of the Beast to the UFC cage. We get that electric big fight atmosphere. The kind that gives you goose bumps just thinking about it. So if he retires, good for Brock. I hope he enjoys it. If this is all part of a plan to maximize the attention and make loads of cash, I say good for him and good for the sport. What do you think ? Is Brock Lesnar really done? Or is this just a part of a plan to make mad cash ?

So is Lesnar gone or is this a mad dash for cash ?

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