Bayou Fighting Championship 36: Live Results. 7:00 PM, Friday, April 5, 2019. New Orleans, LA.

Bayou Fighting Championship 36: Live Results. Friday, April 5, 2019. New Orleans, LA.

Bayou Fighting Championship returns to New Orleans today, April 5th, 2019, from the Mel Ott Center in Gretna, with their 36th event. The fight card features eleven solid matchups topped off with a main event Featherweight fight between Jewell Scott and Tyrek Malveaux. Fights kick off at 7PM, and I’ll be there updating results live as they unfold, so make sure to bookmark this page and check back often for the outcome of all of the night’s action.

Jamal Peyton vs. Chris Crosby

Victor: Chris Crosby, 1st-round submission, 2:53, armbar

Ghazi Khan vs. Cody Verret

Victor: Cody Verret, 1st-round submission, 1:41, guillotine

Andrew Stirling vs. Ethan Woods

Victor: Ethan Woods, 1st-round TKO, 1:14

Ali Bacqueri vs. Andrew Hains

Victor: Ali Bacqueri, split decision

Terrence Freeman vs. Ryley Klinger

Victor: Ryley Klinger, split decision

Jacob Small vs. Sawyer Thompson

Jacob Small, 1st-round submission, 2:06, rear naked choke

Logan Speyrer vs. Dusty Little

Victor: Logan Speyrer, 2nd-round submission, 1:31, rear naked choke

Coty Ziegler vs. Terrence Peterson

Victor: Coty Ziegler, 1st-round submission, 1:37, guillotine

Nicko Commising vs. Damon Vincent

Victor: Damon Vincent, unanimous decision

Ray Lopez vs. Brandon Grimmett

Victor: Ray Lopez, 1st-round submission, 3:09, arm triangle

Jewell Scott vs. Tyrek Malveaux

Victor: Tyrek Malveaux, 2nd-round submission, 3:53, anaconda choke

I’ll be covering Bayou Fighting Championship 36, and I will have photographs and a full fight recap published shortly after. As always, don’t forget to like our social media pages and share!!

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